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10 x10 acrylic painting of a chipmch in grey neutral rocks juxtaposd with a colourful  abstracted backgound sugggesting fall foliage, vivid colour, loose energetic brushwork

Chipmunk in Autumn

10x10  acrylic painting of a butterfly on a vivid magenta shoreline plant. fluttering above. loose brushwork, vivid colour


9x12 acrylic painting of geese in st lawrence river, floating in low tide revealed by teal coloured tall grasses growing in the river, deep colour  energetic bruswork

Wildlife in the St Lawrence

11x14 acrylic painting juxtaposing 2 lelemtns from different eras, a stone antique house with a towering mounting depicing ski runs behind it. high contrast helps reveal depth

La maison

9x12 acrylic paiing of blue jay with vivd colours in colourful abstarct  swirly backgound , contrasting colours

Feathery Friend

12x16 acrylic painting of a chipmunk with a colourful  pixalated backgound, contemporary, youthful

High Resolution

12x12  impressionistic painting of a squirrel on a colourful rock, intersting lines and shapes, loose brushwork,

A Good Place to Rest

9x12 acrylic painting of a auburn coloured horse head and neck, loose brushwork, textural, vivid, contrasting color backgound makes horse pop forward

9x12 on canvas board

6x8 acrylic painting of a windsufer, impressionistic, fun , depicts movement

6x8 inch

Medium Size Acrylic

16x60 acrylic painting of kite surfers  in front of a shoreline depicting a hill with farms, soft subdues hues are used in backgound suggesting depth, water shows movement and vivid colour,

Kite Surfers

18x24 acrylic painting of cyclist going down a path next to the Rideau canal. vivid colour , interesting shadows, movement, impressionistic

Cycling by Dow's Lake
18x24 inch

16x20  acrylic painting of man walking a dog by a lake in spring. vivid colour,  juxtaposed cool and warm colours

Spring Waters

18x18 acrylic painting of a bird in a cactus, impressionistic, abtracted background, interesting pattern of light

No Place Like Home


16x20 acrylic painting of horses in front of a mountain and st Lawrence river, impressionistic, loose brushwork, cool colours analogous scheme

Majestic Laurentians

16x20 acrylic painting  Ottawa tulip festival, tells a story, impressionistic, vivid colour

Tulip Festival

20x24 acrylic painting of skaters on the Rideau Canal Skateway, ice and snow depicted usuing highly tinted pastels of bleu, violet, pink and yellow. scale  and perspective are used to show depth

Rideau Canal Skateway

20 x20 impressionistic acrylic painting of a hummingbird in a colour abstract background, vivid colours, energtic brushwork, movement depicted

Hummingbird's Dream

10x20 painting of bunnies in abstracted backgound, youthful, enrgtic brushwork, vivid background colour, repetion of bunnies in different positions, good for child's room or playroom.

Whimsical Bunnies
10x20 inch

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