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Dancing in the Moonlinght(good copy).jpeg
Spring's First Whisper.jpeg

Dancing in the Moonlight
16x20 on Gallery Canvas


Kaleidoscope Garden
9x12 on Gallery Canvas

Spring's First Whisper
12x24 on Birch Cradleboard

Sunshine in Bloom.jpeg

Sunshine in Bloom
12x12 on Gallery Canvas

12 x24 oil landscape painting shwoing a red canoe by the shorline, abstracted tree line , feeling of solitude, canandian wilderness

Red Canoe
12x24 on canvas

18x18 oil  landscape painting in vivid fall colours. A rocky point on a lake with fiery red trees. Cool colours signaling  cooler days ahead while contrasting warm colours signal late fall is on its way out.painting. Dynamic brushstrokes  .  soft pastel colours of water and sky juxtaposed with orange and red vivid trees. Impressionistic artwork.

Autumn Reflection
18x18 on Birch cradleboard

8x8  oil painting of a Doe, brushstrokes are scullptural to show form of the deer. Abstracted background, impressionistic style

The Doe
8x8 on canvas


 8x8 oil painting of a fawn, vivid brushwork, impressinistic style

The Fawn
8x8 on canvas

 8x 10 oil Painting of a deer in the woods, impressinistic style, vivid colour, peaceful, visibile energetic brushwork

In the Woods
8x10 on canvas

9x12 oil imporessionistic painting of an adorable fawn follwing in it's mother's footsteps in an abstracted forest background. The two dear appear to have the same gaze as captured by the artist

Following Footsteps
9x12 oil on Birch cradleboard

 9x12 oil painting of a heron on a small  dock. the heron is backlit with an impressinistic field of green, orange and yellow grasses in the background suggesting light direction. Light reflecting off water in the pond.   energetic brushwork depicts movement

Morning Light Reflection
9x12 oil on canvas

8x10 oil painitng impressionistic style of surise over a lake in September. The sky is aglo with lavendaer, orange and yellow banks of glowing light.

September Sunrise
8x10 oil on canvas

9x12 oil painting of a maple tree in autumn. the tree  appears to be glowing orange as its leasve radiate the colourof autumn. a country road  leading to some  unknow adventure  next to the tree. Impressionistic style, focal point of light on the tree .

Autumn Road
9x12 oil on Birch cradleboard

8x8 oil painting of a bunch of tomatoes on the vine. impressinistic style, artis captures essence of shape and colour of tomatoes to make them look very edible.

8x8 oil on Birch cradleboard

8x8 oil painting of a giant slice of water melon next to a smaller slice with a bite out of it. imporessionstic style with vivid colour and interesting shadows

8x8 on Birch cradleboard

8x8 oil painting still life of pears, juxtaposed orange and blue  contrasting background, loose brushwork, vivid colour, images set up in a spiral shape with adds interest and leads the eye into the centre of the painting

8x8 on Birch cradleboard

12x24 oil painting of country road next to a field. The brigh warm sun is juxtaposed to the rich darks as it rises ove the tree line to reveal it's light and warmth ove the field, impressinistic rendering, hard edges in forgrond leading eye along fence into the painting. showing movement, soft edges in the background.

12x 24 oil on Birch cradleboard 

8x8 oil painting of still life of read appples, slices and a small knife. impressionistic style, loose brushwork

8x8 on Birch cradleboard

12x12 landscape painting  Eastern Ontario lake, impressionistic style, island in eastern Ontario lake. Vivid color , beatuiful reflection of trees in water show movement, soft edges in distant trees show depth, relaxing peaceful serene

Summer Island
12x12 oil on canvas


8x8 oil painting of a chickadee,  canadian wild bird on a branch in spring or winter, soft feel to the painting, loose brushwork, impressionistic, captures the beauty and softness of the bird

Wings of Happiness
8x8 on cradleboard

The Song of Freedom
8x8 on cradleboard

8x8oil painting of a bluejay in winter sitting on snow portrayed using highly tinted yelow, purple, pinks nadn blue, impressionistic, loose brushwork, soft edges in background reveal depth, excellent colour harmony

Winter's Blue Messenger
8x8 on cradleboard

8x8 oil painting of winter goldfinch, loose brushwork, impressionistic style, abstracted sky suggest clouds

Winter Goldfinch
8x8 on cradleboard

8x8 oil paiting of a nuthatch in spring or winter . sittng on a dark branch with a beautiful colour filled sky, loose brushwork, impressionistic, vivid colour

Early Morning Riser
8x8 on cradleboard

8x8 oil painting of cardinal is backgound with soft edges suggesting depth, loose brushwork, vivid colour

Cardinal's Serenade
8x8 on cradleboard

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