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Hummingbird's Dream

20x20 on canvas

This hummingbird painting is one of my favourites. I designed the background to mimic the flight of this tiny bird.



Inspirations from


No Place Like Home

18x18 on canvas

This painting plays with different shades of green and layering to create a sense of depth in the cactus. The abstracted sky adds contrast; producing a dream like effect.This painting is professionally set in a custom black wood floater frame, included in the price.


No Place Like Home website photo.jpeg

Rabbit in the Yard

12x12 on 1.5" canvas

This charming critter is a frequent visiter to our Arizona backyard. He's got quite a taste for the Tequila producing Agaves -stumbling away after a few nibbles.


Coyote in the Sonoran

12x12 on 1.5" canvas

Using dramatic shadows and abstracted elements you can almost feel the heat of the desert in this painting.

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