Artist Statement

My acrylic paintings embody the calm that I feel when I am surrounded by the natural world. 

I work to capture the artistry in nature as seen through my own eyes. 

Painting provides me with an outlet for my curiosity and allows me to express my voice as I visually interpret the natural world around me. 

Sometimes a finished painting surprises me with the overall effect achieved when trying to express my love of the outdoors. This is usually achieved by using different techniques such as varying my brushstroke, changing the size of my brushes, using vivid colours and blending the paint right on the canvas. 

Throughout my life, I have spent much time outdoors camping, hiking, golfing, playing sports and gardening. I have always stopped to admire something in nature the moment that it catches my eye; a sunbeam in the forest, a curious-looking insect, a colourful bird. All the while remembering how it felt at that exact moment. The wonder of all that the natural world has to offer and the feeling it invokes in me is my guiding inspiration.